Railway freight cars

Rental and leasing of railway freight wagons for operation in the trans-European conventional railway system is one of the main activities of ZX-Benet CZ s.r.o ..

Wagons fleet

We use both our own wagons and wagons from strategic partners from all over Europe. The main indicator of the need for individual series of railway freight wagons is, of course, the customer, who has certain needs for the transport of various goods.

Wagons catalog

Overview of wagons and their technical data with a description of the structure, including the possibility of transporting goods.


Ensuring planned and unplanned maintenance, including service interventions by a mobile workshop.

ECM function

In accordance with Directive 2004/49 / EC and EU Commission Regulation No. 445/2011, Article No. 4, paragraphs a) – c), we offer the service of ensuring vehicle management and covering ECM obligations.

Sale of spare parts

Sales of old or new spare parts such as wheelsets, buffers, small chassis parts or entire chassis, footrests, etc.

Sales of railway cars

Sales of old wagons with the possibility of further operation on the trans-European conventional rail system or wagons intended purely for siding.